The Joyous treatment

How Joyous Treatment Works

Joyous utilizes a proprietary low dose ketamine protocol that produces immediate effects, and sparks the beginning of gradual and consistent mental health improvement. Patients receive daily guidance and custom recommendations on how to optimize their treatment through our digital protocol technology.

How Ketamine Works

Ketamine affects the glutamate system. Glutamate is used in your brain for neurons to communicate. When people are under stress for a long time or depressed for a long time, they begin to lose connections. Ketamine opens a window of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity can be thought of as your brain's ability to heal by building new connections. Building new connections can lead to an improvement in mood, sleep, and overall outlook on life.

Unlike traditional SSRIs and anxiety medications, there are no withdrawal symptoms from ketamine. Many of our patients find themselves not taking it every day and use it as needed. You don’t have to come off any medications to start Ketamine, it is compatible with anti-depressant and anxiety medications. Low-dose Ketamine is fast acting, low risk, safe & effective. According to Yale, “the rapid therapeutic response of ketamine in treatment-resistant patients is the biggest breakthrough in depression research in a half century.”

What You Might Experience

Most people report having a positive experience with little-to-no side effects. The first 3-5 days of treatment is the time when you begin to learn how ketamine affects you. With guidance from us, your prescribed dosing, and the responsive digital protocol, we will continue to track and adjust your dose based on how you feel. While you are learning, you may experience some feelings of lightheadedness, spaciness, or possibly even nausea. All of these feelings are normal, and can be reduced through simple adjustments to the protocol.

While you are with us, we will check-in on you everyday to see how you are feeling to determine if the treatment is effective for you. Where we see fit, our team of highly trained professionals will adjust your treatment and provide you with recommendations on how to optimize your mental health improvements. After 21-35 days our providers will check back in with you via a telehealth consultation, and see if a refill makes sense. A new 30-day supply of medication will be shipped directly to your door.


On a month-by-month basis including: Medical Review, 30 Daily Doses of Medication & Shipping, Personalized Treatment Plan, Mobile Digital Protocol Technology, Individual Progress Tracking, and Patient Care

Step 1 - Exploratory Consultation

Treatment begins with an exploratory consultation with one of our medical providers. At this appointment the two of you will discuss your personal treatment goals, the details about ketamine, and then the provider will decide if the Joyous treatment plan is right for you.
Please have your ID available during the appointment for identity confirmation.

Step 2 - Prescription Delivery

After this appointment your prescription will be sent to our network of specialty compounding pharmacies, and 30 daily doses will be shipped directly to your door within 2-3 days. Once you receive the medication, we will send you a text asking if you would like to start treatment today, tomorrow, or at a later date which you can set.

Step 3 - Treatment

Texting is the primary way we will communicate with you throughout your time with Joyous, we will send you daily reminders of your dose along with links to intake forms. Some forms are short and some are long, but they are all important, because your responses allow us to personalize your protocol each and every day.

Step 4 - Ongoing Care

Everyday you are with us, we will check-in with you to see how you are feeling and determine if this treatment is effective for you. At any point that you need assistance you can message the Joyous Care team at 844-774-0909 and they will help you out!