Ketamine is an anti-inflammatory and is found in nature

Michaela White
Head of Customer Care at Joyous
Michaela White

Ketamine's rapid antidepressant effects and ability to lift mood while reducing suffering is largely attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties of ketamine enhance antidepressant effects

"Ketamine is a novel rapid-acting antidepressant with high efficacy in treatment-resistant patients. Its exact therapeutic mechanisms of action are unclear; however, in recent years its anti-inflammatory properties and subsequent downstream effects on tryptophan (TRP) metabolism have sparked research interest" (Nikkheslat, 2021). TRP metabolism is associated with aging and the production of metabolites that control inflammation, regulate energy homeostasis and modulate behavior.

"Development of effective medications, which act rapidly with dual effect on both inflammation and MDD would be of a significant clinical importance for a successful and personalised treatment of inflammatory-induced TRD and suicidal thoughts and behaviour" (Nikkheslat, 2021). Our goal at Joyous is to fulfill the desires of this statement.

Ketamine is Naturally Produced by:

The Nematophagous Fungus Pochonia Chlamydosporia. This fungus produces Ketamine as a natural chemical compound to protect itself from insects and worms. In this application it is utilized as an anthelmintic and demonstrates the diverse nature and power of the compound.

Read more about this naturally occurring compound.

Ketamine Molecule

Is commercial ketamine natural or synthetic?

Unfortunately, the amount of biomass produced by the fungus reference above is very small, so it is not possible to isolate ketamine in sufficient quantities to manufacture. However the synthetic compound is identical to the one found in nature so commercial ketamine has the same level of effectiveness.

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