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Subscription includes:
You'll complete a survey to make sure that you qualify for treatment
Telehealth Medical Consultation
Schedule a telehealth consultation and receive a thorough examination to discuss your optimal treatment plan
Medication Delivery
Our network of specialty compounding pharmacies (or your choice of preferred pharmacy) will ship 30 daily doses of medication directly to your home within 5-7 days. Once you receive the medication, we will communicate with you about starting the treatment
Joyous Navigator
Receive daily text messages and check-in surveys to adjust your daily dose and guide you on how to take the medicine
Joyous Portal
24/7 Access to your Joyous Portal to review personal progress, update subscription information, and reach out for assistance.
Joyous Care
You can reach out to the Joyous Care team with all of your questions and concerns through text: (844) 774-0909 or email: [email protected] at any time, and receive a response Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PT
Patient Portal
& Content
You can access specific links and information about your protocol here as well as Joyous specific courses and content to further improve and enhance your treatment outcome, all found on
Joyous Treatment
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Currently available in:
Subscription includes:
Digital Medical Consultation
The first step is to fill out the digital intake that allows our medical providers to qualify you for treatment.
Telehealth Medical Consultation
If you qualify, you will schedule a telehealth appointment with one of our medical providers. At the appointment, the provider will determine whether ketamine is right for you. If it is, you will discuss your treatment goals and receive information about using the medicine. Please have your ID available during the appointment for identity confirmation.
Prescription Delivery
After your appointment, your prescription will be automatically sent to our network of specialty compounding pharmacies, and 30 daily doses will be shipped directly to your home within 2-3 days. Once you receive the medication, we will communicate with you about starting the treatment.
Personal Treatment Plan
Treatment starts when you take your first dosage. The Joyous digital protocol will guide you with daily recommendations via text. We will ask you for daily feedback which enables the digital protocol to personalize your treatment. Around day 21 of treatment, you will complete a second telehealth appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment for you and renew your prescription.
Digital Protocol
We have developed a highly responsive digital protocol that takes your daily symptoms, feelings, and response to the medicine into consideration when adjusting your prescribed dose.
Joyous Care
You can reach out to the Joyous Care team with all of your questions and concerns through text: (650) 729-9603 or email: [email protected] at any time, and receive a response Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST.

Currently available in:

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Is ketamine safe?
Ketamine is widely viewed as safe, effective, and well-tolerated for most people (with the exception of individuals with uncontrolled high blood pressure, history of psychosis, or heart rhythm problems). It was first approved by the FDA for use as an anesthetic in the 1970s.Low dose ketamine is considered safe when taken as prescribed by a medical provider. We strongly advise against the recreational use of ketamine since the strength and quality are uncertain and widely variable (it can be cut with a handful of substances).
How is the Joyous treatment plan different from others? (E.g. and Mindbloom)
Joyous provides a proprietary low dose ketamine protocol that is highly effective without the psychedelic experience. Our treatment utilizes a psycholytic dose that allows you to move beyond the superficial layers of your day-to-day mind, help heal unhealthy neural pathways, and help you achieve the clarity you need to live the life you deserve. Our treatment requires no down time, special conditions, or "trip sitters," because our dose is low enough to not cause an intense psychedelic experience, and our providers monitor patients' side effects and progress virtually. You can safely take our medication from the comfort of your home and continue to live your life.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel our no-commitment subscription at any time, as long as you do so before your refill has been sent out. Please contact customer care to cancel and you will be prompted to answer a few simple questions about why you are leaving so we can understand your unique situation and can improve our service. We will also provide you with some recommendations on what to do post-treatment to ensure you remain happy and healthy.
Does insurance cover this treatment?
Currently, insurance companies do not cover our ketamine treatments or consultations. We do accept HSA and FSA funds if you utilize those accounts in your health care. Some insurance plans cover different forms of ketamine treatment, however these options are normally difficult to find and expensive. At Joyous, we do everything we can to keep our service and treatment plan as affordable as possible, because we believe that mental health care is a priority and not a privilege.
What makes me a good candidate for the Joyous treatment?
You're a good candidate for our treatment if you've tried therapy and/or traditional medication in the past and didn't feel like it was good enough, or the right kind of treatment for you. People who suffer from depression and anxiety commonly experience relief from our treatment even when other protocols failed.
What happens if I stop treatment?
Withdrawal symptoms are rare in a clinical setting, and our team creates a plan to help patients stop treatment safely when they feel they are ready. As time passes and the ketamine is out of your system, the neuroplasticity benefits may begin to dull, but can be reactivated by starting treatment again.

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